A.O.H. South Hills Division One was formed in September of 1990. Division One was chartered in Allegheny County on November 11, 1990.

The charter contains the following original seventeen members: Chaplain Monsignor Charles Owen Rice, President Rudy Richter, Vice President Tom Davis, Recording Secretary Jim Flanigan, Treasurer James Joyce, Financial Secretary Ed McManus, Dennis McManus, Jeff Monroe, Tom O'Malley, Tom O'Malley Jr., Dan O'Malley, Ken Delahanity, Richard Long, Thomas Long, Bob Cunningham, James Rooney and John Dillon.

In September 1998, Division One was re-named after it's Chaplain, Monsignor Charles Owen Rice.

Over the last eleven years, our Division has made many charitable contributions. Our members march proudly each year behind their Division banner in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade. Division One also holds annual masses honoring Commodore John Barry and Our Lady of Knock. In November of 2000, Division One celebrated our tenth anniversary with a Communion Breakfast and Mass at the South Hills Country Club.

In our eleven-year history, our membership has grown from the original seventeen charter members to ninety members as of June 2001.

Our second decade has begun, come join us and watch us as we grow.