Division #1's Hibernians Of the Year
2017 Hibernian of the Year.    Left to right....
Thomas Long, President J.J. Gallagher, Richard Long

President J.J. Gallagher and 2016 Hibernian of the Year Ollie Jedlick

2016 Awardees
John Tarpey, President J.J. Gallagher, Ollie Jedlick,
John Remark, and Rich Long

2015 Hibernian of the Year is Bill McKee,
pictured with President Rich O'Malley

Charter Members -
Ed McManus, Rudy Richter, Rich Long and Tom Long
2015 Service Awards - 
Tom Long, Rich O'Malley, Bill McKee, and Dennis Bailey

President Rich O'Malley presenting
2014 Hibernian of the Year award to Kevin McCarthy

2014 Service Award to the entire Mercer Family

2013 Hibernian of the Year
President Rich O'Malley and Dan Ridge

2013 Awards - Tim Reitmeyer, Dave Ely Sr.,
President Rich O'Malley, Dan Ridge, and Denny Flanigan

2013 FFAI Award - Jim Green and Denny Flanigan
2012 Hibernian of the Year was Tom Sweeney.
President Rich O'Malley and Tom Sweeney.
2011 Hibernian of the Year was Jim Donovan.
President Jack King and Jim Donovan
2011 Service Award
President Jack King and Michael Mercer
2010 Service Awards
Dan Ridge, Mark Brennan, Kevin McCarthy, J.J. Gallagher,
Denny Flannigan, Jack King
President Jack King and 2010 Hibernian of the Year J.J. Gallagher

2009 Service Awards,
Jim Donovan, President Rich O'Malley, Jim Green, John Tarpey

President Rich O'Malley with 2009 Hibernian of the yearm John Tarpey

President Rich O'Malley, 2008 Hibernian of the Year, Greg Crooks,
Past PA State President Jim Green

2008 Service Awards   John Tarpey, Tom Sweeney, and Ollie Jedlick
President John Tarpey and 2007 Hibernian of the Year,
Bob Cunningham
2007 Awardees
Jim Cunnimngs, Bob Cunningham and Mark Brennan
Ed McManus, 2006 Hibernian of the Year, receiving his award from State President Jim Green and Division President John Tarpey, 2006
2006 Service Awards.  Left to Right are Jim Green, Jim Allen,
Ed McManus, John Tarpey, Gregg Crooks, and John Joyce

State President Jim Green,
2005 Hibernian of the Year Jim Caldwell, and Division One
Vice-President Rob Clement

Additional  2005 Division One Awardees

Chuck McKee, 2004

Rich O'Malley, 2003

Kevin Day, 2002

James Green, 2001

Jim Flannigan, 2000