Life is really strange. Sometimes you think you have a handle on it then fate comes along and everything changes. For years I had a job that I loved. I worked with an Orthopedic Group here in Pittsburgh . It was an interesting, fun and challenging job that included x-raying members of a pro football team. But the arthritis caught up with me, necessitating an early retirement.

But, thanks to a great doctor and some very successful surgeries, including 2 knee replacements and having my hands “rebuilt”, I have learned to adapt and get on with life. And what a great life it has been so far.

Terry and I have been married for over 38 years, traveled a lot and laughed a lot. Terry is a musician and plays Irish music in the Irish pubs both here and throughout the tri state area plus Irish Festivals and benefits around the country. I think his biggest thrill was playing Ireland . But the most requests he got there was for "Country Roads"!

We share our home with three Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers ; my boy, Finbar, and the two girls, Liffey and KatieMAE!! ! KatieMAE!!! is a little girl from our rescue group, WIN . Katie was born in a puppy mill and bought in a pet store. At 3 month old she was surrendered to WIN because she was born with no bladder. We were her foster home. Since there was no real home in her future, no one wanted a little girl in diapers, she became ours.

We have a son, Damon. In the performance circles, he is known here as Big Daddy Bull Seal with a great following of his own. We have a granddaughter, Grannia, named after Grainne O'Malley from Irish History. She is a very talented musician with a beautiful voice. She also writes a lot of her own songs. They are living in Santa Fe , New Mexico with Damon's wife, Sabrina, an artistic talent in her own right. They have a business making very life like puppets like my Wheaten puppets.

I love needlework, cross-stitch and knitting. Another past time is my rose garden . I have found some wonderful old-fashioned roses with a true rose scent that travels up to the porch.

I am very involved in Irish organizations here, having served on the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. We have one of the largest in the country and I am the Parade Organizer, managing the data base, doing the line up and handling some of the problems which arise when putting on an event of this size. I am also on the Board of Directors of the corporation that oversees the parade, the Irish Society for Education and Charity, Inc.

Then there is also my group of Wheaten Terriers who march in the parade . We have entered the last 8 years and get better every year.

Several years ago Terry and I formed Captain Moonlight Productions. We have produced plays, stage presentations, recordings, graphic designs and our latest endeavor, the Pittsburgh Irish Network. Check out this new web hosting service for all things Irish in Pittsburgh . We have also started a custom embroidery business.

So, life is a series of pages, one never knows what the next chapter will bring. But, if the past is any indication, the future should be a riot.