These are my two Wheatens. Finbar is the larger one with the light curly coat and Liffey is the dainty little girl with the redish coat.
Happiness is a cool hearth.
Baby Finbar at just 3 months old.
Finbar doing his "Buster Wheaten" face.
On Guard.
My new red bandana
Baby Liffey just 3 1/2 Months old.
These toys are all mine. Finbar can't have them and he's not the boss of me!
A pensive mood.
Best friends with "pengy"
Driving to Mongomery, Pa.
A secret interupted.
Christmas, 2001
We really have a nice big ex-pen attached to this crate but we'd rather all be in here and acting silly.

Peoople think modeling stuff is easy work. Wrong....

I haven't had a treat in10 whole minutes.

All together now
This is Sadie. She was our first foster wheaten. She came from W.I.N. and lived with us for six weeks. She now has a very happy "forever" home.
This is Snuffy. Snuffy was our second foster who stayed with us for two weeks and is now in a very loving home.
This is our friend Hanna. She comes to our house to get her hair cut. We like to play.... A lot.