Dear Friends of the Pittsburgh Irish Community:

Preparations are underway for the largest Pittsburgh tradition — the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's the time of year when everyone claims to be Irish — but coordinators of the Saint Brigid Court are searching for those who model the “Spirit of the Fighting Irish!”

The Saint Brigid Court was conceptualized by Maggie Cloonan to honor a Pittsburgh woman, who dealing with illness, has exemplified courage and grand will in the face of adversity. This marks the 11th year for the Saint Brigid Court and the committee is searching for another deserving woman whose qualifications mirror those below:

  • Shares the values of Saint Brigid, Patron Saint of Learning, Courage, and Spiritual Strength
  • Has dealt with illness and other limiting challenges with Faith, Hope and Courage

If you would like to nominate a woman who mirrors the above qualifications and would like to be a part of the Saint Brigid Court, please contact Melissa Rossiter, Mary Lou Conroy, or any other member of the Saint Brigid Court Committee.

All applicants must be available for separate ceremonies one week prior to the March 17, 2007 Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

Nominee applications must consist of the following:

  • A brief biography of the nominee, explain illness and what challenges and adversity they have faced. Must include their name, address, and phone number.
  • Please include a non-returnable photo.

Application deadline is Friday, March 2, 2007 and are to be sent to:

Saint Brigid Court Committee
P.O. Box 99516
Pittsburgh , Pa 15233

Melissa Rossiter
Chairwoman, St. Brigid Court Committee

Jean O'Malley
Member of St. Brigid Court Committee


Sister Mary Bride O'Malley

For information on making a donation, please click HERE.
The St. Brigid's Court Recipient for 2010 is

Sue Freil Wozniak

The Saint Brigid Court Committee honors women who deal with chronic illnesses. In the past 13 years the committee has shared the stories of many women who have fought illnesses and coped with life. This year our honoree's story is a bit different because a life full of good will be taken from us all too soon.

The 2010 Saint Brigid Court Award honors Suzanne Friel Wozniak. Sue - as we all call her – is a caring – and gentle soul who gives her all unconditionally. Her Catholic faith was always center to her world – as she was always active in her church. She raised her children and she took care of her ailing mother and she did so through her steadfast faith. Sue's faith and her shameless love of all things Irish lead her to the LAOH Division 11. Sue spent six years as the division historian and later as the financial secretary.

She has always invested her time in the well being of others as she demonstrated as a school bus driver for Highlands School District in Sarver , Pa. she gave her all to the children that she chauffeured. But that job came to an end last year when she noticed that she had difficulty doing the most usual of daily activities.

Sue was diagnosed with ALS – also known as Lou Gherings disease. ALS is an incurable neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness, resulting in paralysis and to our dismay it is fatal.

Sue has lived a full active, Catholic faith based life; but even through her faith and determination she has been dealt a vicious blow. That is not keeping her down. And her wish for this year is to still be able to participate in the parade.

In the application process her friend says “she has dealt with her demise with a shawl filled with her yearly buttons for the Saint Patrick's Day parade to be placed on her when she leaves us.”

Her fight shows the true spirit of the fighting Irish and her humility mirrors the life of Saint Brigid; and that is why Sue Wozniak is the 2010 Saint Brigid Court award winner.

The St. Brigid's Court Recipient for 2009 was
Sister Janet Milan
The St. Brigid's Court Recipient for 2008 was
Donna Kalisek
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